Say YES to Miracles

Be inspired to how you can connect with your inner light so you can step into alignment with the Divine Intelligence that holds the whole Universe together - once you are in alignment with this Higher Power you step into flow, allowing you to experience amazing synchronicities, incredible opportunities, happy relationships, inner peace, creativity, love and abundance.

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connect with your inner guide

Would you like to connect with a divine higher wisdom that knows how to guide you to a life where you are happy, peaceful and living in alignment with your soul’s truth?

Then this episode is for you, as I’m going to share how you can connect with a divine intelligence that holds our whole universe together, allowing you to step into flow, into synchronicity, into joy, peace, love and abundance. I’ll also take you through a guided healing meditation.



That’s the question Cissi Williams will be answering in this episode, and she’ll also be sharing with you why it is that you only need 3 seconds in order to make sure you let Spirit lead, and not your frantic, stressed ego-mind.


how to hear the answers to your prayers

Have you ever wondered why it seems as if your prayers aren’t answered? As if all you receive back is silence, or just more confusion and doubt?

Well, then this short snippet from Cissi Williams’ training Say YES to Miracles may have the answer for you.

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your mind is a lighthouse

Did you know that inside your mind exists a light, which you are meant to extend to others? And when you block this extension, by coming up with various excuses for why you can’t, then you create suffering.

This part of your mind is a freakin’ lighthouse, and when you listen to that critical inner voice, it’s like you are putting up shutters in all the windows in this lighthouse, blocking your inner light from shining freely. But the light is still there, and you are meant to let it shine!

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Let your inner light shine

Did you know that within you there is a light so bright that it can light up even the darkest corner of our Universe? A light that is able to heal anything – be it a relationship problem, a health issue, or any other problem you are facing. This light knows the solution, and it also knows how to guide you in the right direction, so you can be all that you are meant to be.

In this episode Cissi will be sharing with you how you can do that, plus take you on a guided meditation where you’ll be connecting with this light.